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It all started with a phone call...

In December 2021, Terry Robinson, We Need To Talk's Founder, received a phone call from Harold Allen, a member of the Lincoln Hornets Alumni Association, a San Diego, CA organization where Terry serves as Board President. Harold, the older brother of football legend Marcus Allen, a former NFL running back for the Raiders, had previously had a stroke and was concerned about the lack of men willing to discuss their health.

That conversation started with Harold saying, "We need to talk...". The We Need to Talk Men's Health Forum (WNTT) was created that day. 


Established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in June 2022, WNTT is a community-based mission-focused organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with an affiliate site in San Diego, California. 


Our Mission

To build community-based networks, resources and support committed to men's health and wellness. 

Our Vision

Community-based networks throughout the country supporting the needs of men in their local communities.



You have to do this for you...LEZ GO!

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